Scotlands Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies

Make your special day extra special with a Scottish Toastmaster

I arrive at least an hour before your guests to make myself known to the caterers and familiarise myself with the venue.

  • I will Greet your guests and direct them to lounges and facilities etc.

  • If the venue is hosting the Wedding Ceremony, I will invite the guests to make their way to where it will take place.

  • After the ceremony I will liaise with photographer as to group photos.

  • I then announce the top table, the bride & bridegroom, the cutting of the wedding cake and if required say Grace.

  • After the meal I will introduce the speeches - father of the bride, bridegroom, best-man etc.

Once caterers have tidied up and the band are ready, I will gather the bridal party, form them into couples (bride & groom, best-man & bridesmaid etc.) and introduce them on to the floor for the first dance.

Scottish Toastmaster