Welcome to Scotland's Toastmaster.

I offer an assured, reliable and professional service, from the traditional and formal Toastmaster
to the relatively informal linkman.

I previously worked as the Lord Provost's Officer within Glasgow City Council for 12 years. A major part of my responsibilities in that time was to help organise and perform the duties of Toastmaster at all civic functions. These included Royal Banquets, Dinners for Heads of State, Ambassadors, and Foreign Delegations, Multinational Corporations and smaller more informal buffets for Overseas Visitors, Local Authority Members and Local Community Celebrations.
My experience as a Toastmaster calls me to be employed by the following corporates on a regular basis:

•The Holiday Inn Hotel Group
•The Hilton Hotel Group
•The Marriott Hotel Group
•The Moat House Hotel Group

If you should consider that at any time the service I offer would be an advantage to your business, or if you should be asked to provide a professional Toastmaster by a client, I would be delighted to hear from you.